CascadiaJS 2014

July 31st & August 1st Portland, OR

CascadiaJS is a two-day, community-driven conference on the cutting edge of JavaScript. Browser, server, OS – we cover it all.



Jupiter Hotel

800 E Burnside St
Portland, OR 97214

(503) 230-9200

The Jupiter Hotel will be the stomping ground for CascadiaJS 2014. By taking over the entire property, we get a unique opportunity both indoors and out to build an awesome couple of days of interacting with your JavaScript community.

Your stay at the Jupiter Hotel and conference venue covers July 30th, 4pm to August 2, 11am for checkout. 'Jupiter Hotel single add-on' is a private room single queen-size bed. 'Jupiter Hotel double beds add-on' is a private room with two queen-size beds.

Our on-site Jupiter lodging is SOLD OUT. Please see below for a great alternative. We highly recommend you book for July 30-Aug. 2 for maximum conference enjoyment!

The Hotel Rose

We've arranged for our alternative lodging block at the Hotel Rose--call 503.484.1402 and tell them you're with CascadiaJS to arrange your stay. There's at least one bus line that's fast and consistent to get you quickly over to the venue that is 1.2 miles away. We love our public transit here.

We're very excited that the places we've found for you will help create a warm Cascadian experience.

Travel: Getting to (and around in) Flannelville, USA

Portland is the smallest of our collective Cascadian tech city centers. The closest airport is PDX, accessible by the public transit (MAX) as well as cars. All Trimet passes are good for rail (MAX), streetcar, as well as the bus system; they can be purchased at the airport.

Carshares are also available via car2go and zipcar.

While Portland does not have an Uber presence, but it does have its very own driver-owned cab company: Radio Cab! They can be reached via phone (at (503) 227-1212) and are usually very responsive.


Download ICAL or Add to Google Calendar

Day 0: Wednesday, July 30

  1. Registration open
  2. JS Art Show + Opening Party

Day 1: Thursday, July 31

Presented by ^Lift / &yet

  1. Breakfast + Registration
  2. Opening + Speakers

    Willow Brugh, Patrick Arlt, Kate Hudson

  3. Esri Coffee + Snacks
  4. Speakers

    Jason Campbell, Glen Maddern, Charlie Robbins

  5. Sauce Labs Lunch
  6. Speakers

    Nick Niemeir, Alex Qin, Lydia Katsamberis

  7. Snacks
  8. Speakers

    David Manning, Joe Lepper, Soledad Penadés

  9. Break
  10. Concurix JSBBQ

Day 2: Friday, August 1

Presented by Urban Airship

  1. Run.js (Please RSVP)
  2. Breakfast + Registration
  3. Speakers

    Monica Dinculescu, Marcy Sutton, Forrest Norvell

  4. Esri Coffee + Snacks
  5. Speakers

    Floh Herra-Vega, Ryan Roemer, Ruth Baril

  6. GoDaddy Lunch
  7. Speakers

    Curtis Lassam, Jim Heising, Marlena Compton & Ryan Dy

  8. Snacks
  9. Speakers

    Bryce Baril, Jason Rhodes, C J Silervio

  10. Break
  11. Twilio Closing Party at Voicebox Southeast

Day 3: Saturday, August 2

  1. Brunch.js



  • Tracy Hinds

    Tracy Hinds @hackygolucky

    Tracy enjoys cat herding JavaScripters and can be found at after-events hollering over music about all things JS-related and unrelated. Curator.

  • Ben Acker

    Ben Acker @nvcexploder

    Ben Acker is an experiment by the South Carolina Department of Agriculture to combine Kudzu with Root Beer. He enjoys buttercups and entire buckets of grade-school paste. Occasionally he writes software.

  • Lana Topham

    Lana Topham @MsTopham

    Lana has a crush on all things that involve design. In her off time, you'll find her fumbling through "wheel" in yoga class, smashing beer cans on her forehead and wiping food off her face. Buzzer beaters make her day.

  • Jason Denizac

    Jason Denizac @_jden

    Jason Denizac invented the animated gif and has 20+ years of JavaScript experience.

  • Chris Dickinson

    Chris Dickinson @isntitvacant

    Topologically similar to a coffee mug full of snacks.

  • Krysten Yates

    Krysten Yates @erkstyn

    Burrito connoisseur. Fluent in wingdings. Amateur Bobby Hill, but getting better every day.

  • Blaine Bublitz

    Blaine Bublitz @BlaineBublitz

    Blaine is a JavaScript developer from Phoenix, AZ and founder of Iced Dev. He has tons of strong opinions, also known as ultrafacts; many of which are wrong.

  • Hakon Verespej


    Conductor of the Hacker Train, CHOO CHOO!

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