CascadiaJS 2014

Join Us for CascadiaJS 2014!

At CascadiaJS 2014, over 300 JavaScript programmers will be gathering in Portland, OR for a single-track, two-day, developer-run conference focused on the cutting-edge of JavaScript technology. Browser, server, OS, we cover it all. We started this adventure back in 2012, where developers from all over the Pacific Northwest (and beyond!) gathered to talk JS and open web technologies. We want to focus the sponsorships on creating amazing shared experiences, which have a far broader and longer lasting effect for you and the attendees.

What We Did in 2013

  • Organized a one-of-a-kind, fun and informative JS conference in Vancouver, BC
  • Attracted 275 developers across the Pacific Northwest Posted 22 videos that generated 309 subscribers, 23k views and 180k minutes watched
  • Garnered over 1500 tweets with single tweets garnering audience reach upwards of 22,000 people.

What We Will Do in 2014

CascadiaJS 2014 will be held in Portland, OR on July 31-August 1. There will be over 300 attendees, drawing primarily from Portland, Seattle and Vancouver. We fully expect this year to exceed last year’s quality of speakers and attendees. With our continued dedication to quality we are anticipating the quickest sellout yet, once tickets go on sale.

Sponsorships are limited. Since this is an all-volunteer and not-for-profit event, the only purpose of the sponsorship funds is to fund T&E for the speakers and to provide an amazing educational and fun experience for the attendees. As soon as these needs are covered, we will not accept any more sponsorship proposals.

Please Note: Sponsors are strongly encouraged to help increase the diversity at CascadiaJS, please consider this when assigning tickets. We appreciate your support in helping to bring diversity to the community and to community events.


To inquire about a sponsorship slot, contact Tracy Abrahms at:

Sponsorship Opportunities

All sponsorship opportunities come with logo placement on the CascadiaJS 2014 website, order based on level selected. Sponsors are encouraged to provide a company description (soft limit of 150 words) for the sponsor section of the website. All packages allow for sponsors to send appropriate swag items that will be provided to attendees.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or would like to inquire about customizing a package. We’d love to find a creative way to add value and a good experience for our attendees and sponsors.